jueves, 1 de agosto de 2013

Knit Clothes

We don't take commissions of these items. Please, check the shop to see if something is in stock.

Knitted clothes with soft and thin yarn, they are really elastic.

Color chart


Basic Sweater

Choose color:
Base color

Sizes and prices:
1/6 Blythe-pure neemo: 13€

Striped Sweater

Choose type and colors:
Type A: 2 colors
Type B: 2 colors
Type C: 3 colors
Type D: big stripes color, small stripes color
Type E: top color, bottom color
Type F: main color, stripes color

Sizes and prices:
Blythe: 14€

Totoro Sweater

Sizes and prices:
Blythe: 14€

Basic Cardigan

Choose color:
1-2 (depending the style)

Sizes and prices:
Blythe: 15€

Striped Cardigan

Choose color:
2-3 (depending the style)

Sizes and prices:
Blythe: 16€